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Our Services

For Supplier

Extending Your Sales Capability

If you are a reliable supplier who has good quality products to sell, we may add real value to your business by extending your existing sales and marketing force to many previously untapped territories. Simply by adding your product portfolios into our catalogue and database, we will market, advertise and promote your products to the most suitable customers.


We can even export your products to the markets in other parts of the world where you would like to extend your business further to, but simply lack the resources, knowledge or power to develop those markets on your own. Exporting with us will save you unnecessary hassles. We can help to arrange everything from domestic logistics, international shipping, documentation, translation, etc. Should you have your own exporting force and do wish to export directly by yourself, we can also act as a portal importer who can coordinate our import buying groups to jointly import from you through our own overseas companies and assist your trade in many ways at the destination county.

Marketing Your Products

As an international trading and marketing company, we attend major exhibition and trade shows around the world regularly. Your products will have lots of opportunities to be promoted to many established distributors or other buyers. Once partnered with us, we will advertise your products to via our existing customer database, which could attract lots of potential customers who had already registered their interests in your product categories. We also organise and represent cross-country buying groups and with our help they will order jointly from you in large volumes through us.

Brand Building

We understand the brands built up by our valuable suppliers are their precious property. For any products we decided to add to our catalogue, we will fully consult with our suppliers to best protect their interests while maximise the margin.

Private Label

From time to time, our established customers require tailored private label resolution to make their own brand products. If you are a manufacture who can provide private label production, we may be your perfect partner, as we will match the existing request to your potential supply capability. We manage the whole process on a project basis from pack development and packaging resolution, the delivery of final product to the distribution channel development, assisting both the brand owner and the manufacture at all time to ensure the success of the project.


Our warehouse facility located at west midland near Birmingham can provide easy access to all major ports in UK. We provide consolidation services to our customers. Here at our warehouse, our customers’ orders from across all parts of the UK or even other parts of the Europe are securely stored and consolidated and then loaded to containers or pallets to dispatch to specified destination via sea or air freight etc.


We distinguish ourselves from other normal wholesaler and exporter by providing premium service to facilitate both the buying and selling hence adding extra value to both sides instead of only selling goods. For many suppliers, especially small and medium sized companies, sales and marketing especially exporting could be too much burden. Partnering with us, we will simply the process for you, especially with our specific knowledge, for an example export, we can make your life much easier. Therefore, if you are interested in our services, why not contact us to see if we can help.